Fully Recyclable Board


Print it, Hang it, Recycle it!

The FSC® - Certified (FSC® C115556) Display Board with a unique embossed Paper Core.

ECO BOARD is the new paper board with a unique structure of embossed formed paper which gives it strength and rigidity. It is the perfect solution for short term promotional campaigns.

ECO BOARD delivers everything you would expect from a sign and display board – flat, smooth surface, excellent print-ability, rigidity and stability – and a unique design made of FSC® certified paper and fully recyclable.

The embossed structure that forms the central layer of ECO BOARD is the result of extensive analysis and testing of different profiles. This patented core and method of manufacture result in a uniquely stable board.

eco board close up

The FSC® label builds on a consistently reliable process:

  • Papers used to produce are all FSC® certified.
  • Clear indicator that the paper layers come from responsible forest management.
  • Use of forests in accordance with the social, economic and ecological needs.

Customers purchasing this product make an active contribution to the sustainable management of forests around the world.
Commit to the environment and proudly display our
ECO BOARD logo on your boards.

Standard Formats
(width x length)

1250 x 1840mm
1250 x 2450mm
1524 x 1016mm
1524 x 3048mm

Thickness 3.8mm for all sizes

ECO Board - perfect solution for:

  • Short term promotional campaigns
  • Hanging signs
  • Display and POS/POP applications

ECO BOARD at a Glance

ECO Board sheets offer a unique combination of excellent properties and occupy a 100% ecological position amongst display boards.

  • Lightweight - easy to work with and hang
  • Bright white and smooth - graphics look amazing
  • Strong, rigid and stable - signs start flat and stay flat
  • Made of FSC® certified paper - fully recyclable
  • Laminated structure constructed from embossed formed paper using an innovative, unique and patented manufacturing process
  • Processing is fast, efficient and easy, even using manual tools

Get in touch for your ECO BOARD sample pack today.

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