Plant List


Prinect Servers x 4 - Pdf Workflow
OrangeTree (Online access to Pdf Workflow for Proofing)
QNAP Nas Drive - 12Tb (Online Archiving)
Prinect Cockpits & Signa Stations (4)
iMac Retina 5k 27” 2020 3.6Ghz/64GB Ram (3)
Screen Platerite 8800 with Autoloader (B1)
Screen Platerite 8300 (B1)
Epson 7800 (610mm) Inkjet Plotter
Epson Pro 7900 (610mm) ISO Matchprint Proofer with Spectro
Epson Surecolor T5000 Inkjet Plotter (915mm)
Epson 2400 Photo Scanner (A4)


Komori GL840P with RS106 Mabeg Reel Sheeter (720x1020mm)
Komori GL540 - (720x1020mm)
Komori PDC-SX - Print Density/Spectrophotometer & Auto Register Control
Ink Trac Barrel System
Fully automatic plate loading
Cito RSP Inline Finishing System for GL840 &540
Heidelberg Printmaster 52-5 Colour(360x520mm)
Heidelberg single colour GTO 52/1 (360x520mm)
Baumann BSW3 Pile Turner


MBO B-30 Folding Machine 6-4-4 (3)
MBO FA66 Presser Stacker (3)
MBO B30 4-4-4 with Baumer 4 Head Glue System
MBO ASP66 Presser Stream Delivery
Muller Primera 6 Station with Cover Feeder & Apollo stacker
Polar 115X Guillotine with Flowline
Polar 115X Plus Guillotine with Flowline
Polar 78X Guillotine with Flowline
Autobond Compact B1 Perfector Thermal Laminator
Heidelberg SBG Cutting/Creasing Cylinder
Heidelberg SBD Cutting/Creasing Cylinder
Morgana Stitcher/Booklet maker
Rapid 101 Electronic Stitcher
Worsley-Brehmer Stitcher
ATS 420 Banding Machine
Iram four head paper drill


Konica Minolta BizHub Pro C1060L (320x1020mm)
Konica Minolta BizHub Pro C6000L (320x1020mm)

Wide Format

Epson Surecolor S80600 10 colour (1524mm)
Roland VS-540i Print & Cut (1370mm)
Summa S2 Class D Series 160 (1600mm)
CWT 1640 (Cut Work Table) Flatbed Applicator

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